One of the reasons why I have kept going as a session musician all these years is probably because I also sing alot. It´s not so usual that musicians sing as much as they play their instrument. I´ve always seen myself as "half bassplayer-half vocalist". People often have told me that I play with alot of power and "there´s no doubt or holding back" in my performance. I also get along very well with most people.

 I have always been sticking to my roots. I still feel the same way about music as I did when I was 13, and I don´t consider I have a job - I get paid for doing my hobby.......

 My heroes in Rock will always be the same. To change that because of trends or whatever, would to me be like replacing someone in your family.
The record companies and many others maybe should start thinking about the reasons why for example Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Bruce Springsteens still can fill stadiums...

 Music, to me, is about Passion, Power and Emotions !

And That´s It !