From the album "Les Fleurs du mal"

Je n'ai besoin que de tendresse

J´ai le mal de toi

Poupée de cire, poupée de son

UDO at Pub Anchor
Rob Love, Me, Koleberg + Pontus Norgren

Jan Johansen - "Fri"
2009 ! Micke Wennborn, Me, Thess Persson and Ian Haugland participated !

K.O.D.A. "Funky Rappin´"
Recorded , filmed and released 1980. My first studiorecording !

Vindictiv - New Album "Ground Zero" Out May 28 2009
Promo Video !

Chris Laney - at Polar Studios
from the recording of his solo-album 2009

Heart & Soul - ZAN CLAN
directed by Chris Laney

Sole Survivor - TREAT
From Firefest, U.K. 2006

In The Studio 2006 - ZAN CLAN
Film by Ken Blakk

Promo Video - ZAN CLAN
directed by Chris Laney

Monsters Of Tribute 2006
From the concert arranged by Rock-Klassiker 106.7
I play with 3 of the bands:
AB/CD - Baldroom Blitz - KYSS