I have played on alot of albums. This is some of them worth mentioning

  THERION - "Fleurs du mal"
Release october 2012

This is a really weird album !
I really had my doubts from the beginning about these cover-versions of french pop-songs from the 1960´s... It was like "What the hell are we doing ??"
- How will the fans react to this !?
The idea was all Christofer Johnsson vision of an "art-project"...

After the European-Russian-Ukraine-Tour october 2012, I have to admit I´ve changed my opinion. The fans of Therion like it !
Therion is a very special band, and so is our audience !!

  Jeff Scott Soto - "Damage Control"
Release march 23, 2012

I played on 2 songs on this album. Both written by my friend Jamie Borger:

"If I Never Let Her Go"


  L.A.D. - "Nine Lives"
Release january 20, 2012

My third album with L.A.D.
I wrote the music for the song "Golden Cage" together with Anders Lundquist who wrote the lyrics.
To make recordings with these guys is a Big Joy !

  NANNE - "My Rock Favourites"
Release November 23, 2011

Nanne is a very well known artist in Sweden ever since the mid 80´s and I have known her since then. Her husband is Peter Grönvall, son of Benny from ABBA.
This album includes her favourite songs from the 70´s and 80´s. All covers.
We recorded most of it live in ABBA-Bennys Sudio in Stockholm !
I really enjoyed it ! Nanne and Peter are great and easy people to work with and they´re always so enthusiastic and professional !

Other musicians who appear on this album is Mikkey Dee from Motorhead, Joacim Cans from Hammerfall and Perra Johansson from Coldspell

  Brian "Robbo" Robertson
" Diamonds and Dirt"

Release january, 21 2011

To record an album with one of your idols is a big thing !
When I bought "Live and Dangerous" with Thin Lizzy and looked at the pictures on the innersleeve, I thought Robbo was the coolest guy of the band. And his guitarplaying was great ! You could obviously hear and understand that he was leadguitarist no1 before Scott Gorham. Ian Haugland from Europe and Me laid down the basic tracks with Robbo. The result is really good. I´m proud of it !

  L.A.D. - "Yes"
Release january 21 2011

This is my second album with L.A.D.
As always, it´s great to play with these guys !
My favourites are "Another Night" and "Alive"

  THERION - "Sitra Ahra "
Release november 2010

It´s a great honour for me to be part of this band !
I really like the last album "Gothic Kabbalah"but this one is a bit more like the older Therion-albums and I think it suits the fans better !
It was a fun recording to make !

"Only Come Out At Night"

Release spring 2010

This is the second album I´ve recorded with my good old friend Chris !
It became a little special to me cause the drummer I played with was Ian Haugland from the band EUROPE. I really like to play with him ! The young upcoming drummer Georg Egg also did a great job !

I also wrote the song "Eyes out poppin"with Chris !

  HARDCORE CIRCUS - "Wake Up Call"
Release dec 2010

The bassplayer of this band quit right before this recording, so I got a request from drummer Joakim Bloom (that played a few tracks on the Randy Piper´s Animal album"Violent New Breed") to participate. I layed down all of the basstracks and I also thought it would be fun to do some backingvocals. I did it as a tryout on two of the songs and after that Joakim wanted me to sing on the entire album. So what you hear is me and Mats Levén behind the lead !
It was great fun to record this album which has some influences from Mötley Crües album with John Corabi on lead vocals !

  TREAT - "Coup De Grace"
Release March 18 2010

I have followed TREAT since the very first album "Scratch & Bite". And as an old fan of the band I have to say that in my opinion This is the Best Album so far !
I´m more than satisfied with it !
And just listen to the bass-sound ! In the first vers of "Papertiger" you can hear it loud and clear sounding like an excavator on a road full of gravel ! - And I love it !
To hell with the dull background bass ! It should be "up there fighting" with the guitars !! and on some of the songs it´s really there "sticking out"
My personal favourites are as mentioned above "Papertiger" and "We own the night" !

"A Touch Of Heaven"

Dec 10 2009 - Japan,
Jan 21 2010 - Europe

It´s a big honour for me to step into the role as bassplayer in this band after the loss of Marcel Jacob. My partner in crime Jamie Borger asked me to join shortly after the sad and devastating information about the death of Marcel as they already then were ready to start the recording of the new album. I´m very pleased with the result and believe Marcel is too! The album contains two covers and the rest of the songs are original material. My favourite is "Jennie´s Eyes" wich is the last song of the album. A fantastic and bombastic ballad from Mikael Erlandsson !

  VINDICTIV - "Ground Zero "

It was a long time ago I listened this much to an album that I have played on !
I absolutely Love It ! The combination of Stefan Lindholms music and Göran Edmans melodies and vocal-arrangements is F*ckin Great !!
The album is full of good and strong tunes, good playing and has an exciting atmosphere in the name of Progressive Rock !
Oliver Hartman and Mark Boals also make their contributions with their voices.

Release May 28th 2009 !


This one is Great ! And to make my contributions to one of my best friends album is a big honor ! I´m also very glad and proud that my song "I Dunno" was one of those that Chris really wanted to record when he had heard my demo. He re-wrote some of it and the result became what you hear on the album. I´m very pleased. "I Dunno" was also picked as the first single from "Pure". The album is full of strong material !
Chris is, first of all, a fantastic person, but also a great producer, songwriter, guitarplayer, singer and performer!
- This is a Great debute ! He deserves every piece of success that is ever possible!
I used my Yamaha BB1600 and my sansamp.
I play on all the songs of the album.


I am Really Really satisfied and proud of this album !!
Great songs performed with energy and power!
It was recorded during spring and summer 2007 while Randy and Rich were over here in Sweden for the Violent New Breed Tour.
Chris Laney has done a fantastic job, both as producer and songwriter.
He was very ill, in deep pain, when many of the songtitles came up. and that´s one of the reasons for the lyrics......
I used my Yamaha BB414 straight in to the SansAmp.


I am very glad to have participated on this album !
It was a big challenge for me because I´ve never played this sort of "progressive rock" before.
Göran Edman who has been a member of Yngwie Malmsteens band is doing a fantastic contribution to this recording and Stefan Lindholm, the leader of this band is a real "shredder" a la Malmsteen.
I used my Yamaha BB1600 (the black bass with the numbers on it) and played it straight through my SansAmp. Göran Elmqvist did the mixing and Stefan Lindholm was the producer.


This is an album filled with classics from the 70´s !
The man behind this project is Janne Stark.
I play the bass on two of the songs: "Dreams Of Milk and Honey" and "Love Rock". The last mentioned I also recorded the lead vocals by Roger Holegård, my old idol from the swedish band NEON ROSE.
I really enjoyed working on this one because my whole musical background is based on 70´s rock music.

(That Makes One)


This album still means alot to me. It contains so much of the music I love, and I also got the opportunity to play with two of my favourite swedish musicians: Kee Marcello and Tommy Nilsson. This album was also recorded at the time my brother Benny died. During this period it was good to have something to hold on to. I remember how I went straight from the funeral to continue the sessions. I played on 7 of the 10 tracks.



This was Great Fun ! Matti, Me, Jamie Borger, Göran Elmqvist och Stefan Bergström recorded this album in the winter of 1999-2000 at Fryshuset Studio with Jonas Östman as engineer. I wrote one of the songs together with Dave Nerge, "Blue Hero".

"För Fet För Ett Omslag"


I produced and wrote most of the songs and on this album.
The lyrics were written by Dave Nerge. We had a great time recording in my studio. Unfortunately it came to be Micke "Svullo" Dubois last album. He comitted suicide in november 2005.

"A Dream Of Glory and Pride"

1974 & 2005

I was really glad to be asked to work on this reissue from 1974.
The band Neon Rose has meant alot to me and still do.
I mixed the 4 bonus tracks in my studio.


1974 & 2005

Same thing with this one:
I got a recording from a festival in Norway 1974 and mixed 3 tracks in my studio.


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