Musical Background: Selftaught. Started playing my big brothers acoustic guitar already at very early age.
 Got my first electric guitar from my brother Benny as a christmas present when I was 9.
I then started a band with two of my friends: Two guitars and drums. No vocals, No Bass !
Got my first bassguitar when I was 11. At that time my biggest Idols were Glenn Hughes from Deep Purple and Steve Priest from The Sweet. I also recall how I was very impressed by the photo of Roger Glover from the inner sleeve of the album "Fireball" where he was playing a Rickenbacker and wore a cowboyhat and a cool belt! They got me convinced; - The Bass was My Thing !!
Then I joined a band and started to play "for real", and as we call it here in Sweden - "Garage-Rock"!


He was the first one I played together with and is still my wonderful friend !
Went to "Music School" 30 minutes a week. I never learned to play by notes, even though I tried.
Never got into any music education after school cause my grades were a bit too low. I also tried to "play myself" into alternative music educations, but failed. The teachers who all came from jazz and classical background didn´t think my rockish and funky playing was "suitable".....
Played in local bands until 1979
1980 Did my first recording for a single with the funkband K.O.D.A. - "Funky Rappin´"


1984 Quit my job as a mailman to become a fulltime musician, songwriter and producer for teenage idol Niclas Wahlgren. We worked together until the summer of 1986.
1986-2006 During these twenty years I´ve done a lot of touring and recording with several artists and bands.
2003 Started my own company Micana Music. Wrote alot of songs and did some producing for swedish bands.
2004 I had a strange feeling of that my music-career was more or less over........(?)
But then I got the offer to go on tour with Pugh Rogefeldt (The Granfather of Swedish Rock) as supportact for the band "Gyllene Tider". And that tour is still to this date the biggest ever in swedish history. And after that I started to get offers from bands all around.
2009 Today I´m a member of several bands and are doing more recordings and gigs than ever ! I´m very much back where I started; playing hardrock and progressive rock, the music I love and grew up with !
To Play-By-Ear has been the only thing for me while learning my parts for tours and recordings. I can´t read notes and my theoretic knowledge in music are limited. I have "educated" myself just by listening to records to learn how my idols did. It seems to work...

2010 Got a reward as "Bassplayer Of The Year" by
2012 I quit the band "TREAT". Did a European Tour with THERION.
Now focusing on working with my own project / band.

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