I´ve often wondered; If someone uses a bass that cost five times as much as the one I use, does it mean his bass sound five times better than mine?

Answer: - Of course NOT! It´s a matter of taste. And most of all, the way you sound as a musician is related to your hands and heart.

I have played Yamaha Basses since 1986. I tried to change my ways, but soon I got back to my BB1600 again. There´s no reason to change something you´re really comfortable with. I play it safe. I know what I get. Today I also play BB1024, BB414, BB414X

I´ve always preferred the sound of passive mics. It´s really a matter of taste as well, but in my opinion, the active basses often sound "plastic" and are less dynamic. In rock and pop music, the passive sound is more suitable together with the sound of an acoustic drumset.