Tommy and me 1989

Tommy is, without any doubt, the most generous, the nicest and funniest artist I´ve ever played with.. I have never laughed so much on tour as I´ve done with him!

The first time I saw him was on TV 1978 when he sang with the band Horizont. I became a big fan of their music and watched their gigs around in Stockholm.
I´ve still got my signed two albums... !

To have participated on the album "That Makes One" with EASY ACTION, where he was the singer and Kee Marcello (later Europe) was the songwriter, producer and guitarist, is still something I´m very proud of.
It contains so much of the music I really like.

I also played on Tommys 2 first solo albums in Sweden "IT" and "Follow the Road".

I toured and recorded with him 1988-1991.

Several times we had to stop him from buying us drinks and stuff.
- Thanks Tommy but no thanks. We can buy the beer ourselves. Save your money!!
And this was never because he wanted to act like a king or something...... It was pure generousity.

And all those laughs!! Many people doesn´t know it, but Tommy is a real entertainer! Really funny!! He almost got us pee in our pants by all the laughing.

Another side of Tommy at the time I was touring with him was that he often had terrible stagefright. He once told me that he was wondering if it all was worthwhile. Sometimes we noticed, but for the most not. He´s very professional and a Great Singer!

I´ve got so many good memories from these years!
I will always carry them with me..

More about Tommy...

When we arrive at the hotel after the first gig of the tour 1988, everyone in the band and the crew finds an envelope signed with their names on their beds. Every envelope contained 1000 skr! Just like that... !
He wanted to give us something extra to show his appreciation. We were 10 people, and that was money he had already paid taxes for..... !

That was so typical Tommy. He wouldn´t have had to give us anything...... We loved him anyway. But he had right before this been a member of a band, and somehow he still wanted to feel that way...



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