Years before I came to play with Sanne I had been admiring this fantastic Danish Singer and Artist.

At the ANC-Concert in Sweden 1985 I sat with eyes and mouth wide open when she entered the stage with full power and charisma.

Five years later I did my first gig with her. I can still remember how she came down the stairs to the stage at Club Melody at Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, wearing her sunglasses and I just thought; "What a Star!"
She was there to appear as a guest artist at the gig I did with Johan Wahlström Band. After that gig she came to play with us many times.

Later on when she came over to Sweden to appear on TV she wanted me to join.. In 1995 she asked me to come over and do a big tour in Denmark with her band which meant I would play at the famous Roskilde Festival! That was great!

In 1997 I once again toured Denmark with her. But then as guitarist !

Sanne & me backstage in Denmark 1997


More about Sanne...
Sanne is a lady who really cares about the ones she´s working with. She wants everyone to feel good and to be satisfied with their situation in her band.

She´s really concerned about the ones she´s picking for a tour. No matter what it may cost..... For example to bring swedish musicians like me to fly between Denmark and Sweden on free days. Just think about the costs for flighttickets and hotels. She doesn´t seem to care much about her "extra money"

Sanne is a singer and artist with worldclass, born to be a Star. It has been a real pleasure to play with her.

She´s one of the few artists that just have to enter the stage, and the whole audience is in her hands.. This Lady has a really Big Charisma!

Me & Sanne at rehearsals
Indiana Kajen, Copenhagen 1995